Yulia Galytska, Alla Chobanitsa.
Teachers of English Chernivtsi. Liceum 1

Target Audience:

  • 9 grade


  • 60-90 min.


  • to develop communicative skills
  • to cultivate reading and speaking skills.
  • to promote creative thinking

Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to

  • know and use new vocabulary related to the topic “Jobs”;
  • discuss pros and cons of different professions giving personal opinion;
  • produce a written essay according to the topic

Methods and Techniques:

  • matching activity
  • categorizing activity
  • pyramid discussion
  • grouping activity (finding twins, miming)


  • worksheets 1-9
  • markers
  • sheets of paper A4
  • stickers

Additional materials:

Worksheet 1 - Categorising activity

Worksheet 2 - Making up sentences

Worksheet 3 - Pyramid discussion

Worksheet 4 - Pre-reading task

Worksheet 5 - Reading activity “The Most Extraordinary Jobs”

Worksheet 6 - Post reading task/ follow-up activity

Worksheet 7 - Pair work/ making up dialogues

Worksheet 8 - Speaking activity

Worksheet 9 - Essay plan


1. Introduction

1.1. Categorizing activity

Start the lesson by asking students about their plans for future, about their job choice, etc. Then ask them to match job titles using given topical blocks by making arrows. This procedure enables students to see patterns and connections; it develops students' abilities to manage or organize information about job titles and topical blocks. Categorizing involves grouping job titles according to criteria that describe their common features. Encourage students to explain their reasons for placing items in particular categories. See Worksheet 1 (individual work).

1.2. Making up sentences

Hand out the worksheet 2 and ask students to make up their own sentences according to the table. Ask students to write their suggestions on the board. Correct any errors in the sentences as a class. Ask students to explain their choice (open block). See Worksheet 2.

1.3. Discussion of the controversial topics. Pyramid Discussion

Go on speaking about jobs using pyramid discussion. Ask Ss to fill the table on the topic what one of the best things and one of the worst things are about these jobs. Hand out the worksheet 3. First they do the task individually, then - in pairs. To avoid too much movement or disruption in the classroom, pairs should be made of students sitting fairly close to each other. After that they go on working in groups of four, and finally discuss this topic with the whole class. Pay Ss’ attention to the sentences written on the board - they can use them during discussion. See Worksheet 3.

2. The main part of the lesson

2.1. Reading activity “The Most Extraordinary Jobs”

Pre-reading task. Worksheet 4

Start with showing pictures to your Ss (See Worksheet 4) and elicit the possible jobs these people might have.

While reading task. Worksheet 5

Place pieces of paper with the stories around the room without pictures and ask Ss to walk around and see if their guesses were correct. Pre-teach the words in bold type and give each student a copy to read again. Ask them how these words were used in the texts.

Grouping activity/Guessing Game

Tell students get into groups using the activity “Finding “Twins”. Decide ahead of time on a category occupations and prepare stickers with specific examples (judge, surgeon, etc.). Make four stickers for each example. Put the stickers on the Ss’ back. Each person has to ask the questions about the name of job written on the sticker trying to find his/her group mate. Students circulate until partners have been found.

Follow-up activity. Answering the questions

Get Ss to read the text again, now in groups, and to answer the questions given in worksheet 6.

After finishing a representative of every group present their decision. (See Worksheet 6).

2.2. Making up the dialogues on the base of given situation

Divide Ss into pairs so that each group of four makes two pairs. Get Ss to make up their own dialogues reaching a consensus on each of the situation giving in the worksheet 7.

2.3. Speaking activity

Tell Ss to work individually. Get them to choose 3 items which appeal to them most of all and speak about their future job. Then ask them to make up their own confident speaking on the topic using key expressions. Elicit speaking from individual Ss. (See Worksheet 8).

3. Conclusion

For homework get Ss to write down an essay “My future profession” according to the plan and present their stories to the classmates. (See Worksheet 9).




Worksheet 1

Categorizing activity


Worksheet 2

Making up Sentences


Worksheet 3

Pyramid Discussion


Worksheet 4

Guessing Activity


Worksheet 5

While-reading Activity


Worksheet 6

Follow-up Activity


Worksheet 7

Follow-up Activity


Worksheet 8

Speaking Activity


Worksheet 9

Use the following plan for making up a short essay

Plan to the Essay “My Future Profession”

  • What profession are you going to write about? Explain it.
  • What do you know from the history of this profession? (ancient, modern, quite new)
  • What must we consider when choosing a profession?
  • What education is required to become a specialist in this profession?
  • What opportunities are open for people of the profession?
  • Does this profession run in the family? Do you know any people involved in this profession?
  • Are you cut out for this profession?
  • What are your expectations of the future career?
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