Science and technology: Innovations

Svitlana Bernadska, Teacher of English
Chernivtsi, Gymnasium 4

Target Audience:

  • Teenagers


  • 60-90 min.


  • Intermediate


  • to reinforce the vocabulary on the topic
  • to identify and discuss what innovation is
  • to identify examples of innovation
  • to develop speaking skills


Ss will be able to

  • know and use the new vocabulary in their speech
  • understand the importance of innovations
  • discuss the innovations and their importance

Methods and Technics:

  • word association
  • making a list
  • defining the word
  • comprehension questions
  • gap filling
  • filling the table


  • worksheets
  • video/Internet/
  • sheets of paper
  • markers

Additional materials:

Worksheet 1 - Gap filling

Worksheet 2 - Filling the table

Worksheet 3 - Speaking activity


1. Introduction

1.1. Warming up. Word Association

Ask Ss to name the expressions they think are associated with the word “new”, and write them on the board (modern, up-to-date, hi-tech, advanced, contemporary, and fashionable).

Discuss their meaning and the context in which they could be used. Tell Ss they will be looking at the subject of innovation.

1.2. Vocabulary practice (See Worksheet 1) Hand out worksheet 1. Tell Ss to work individually. With the whole class check the answers.

1.3. Defining the word “innovation”. Small group activity (See Worksheet 1)

Assemble Ss into groups of four. Hand out the blank sheets of paper, markers and ask them to define the word “innovation”. They are going to choose one representative of the group to present their group definition. Variation of reporting out is to do a “gallery walk” to allow students to see other groups’ work.

2. The main part of the lesson

2.1. Watching the video “Advancing A Culture of Innovation” (30 min.)

Pre-watching activity. Predicting content of the video.

Inform Ss that they are going to watch the video “Advancing A Culture of Innovation”. Ask and list on the board their thoughts what will be this video about.

While-watching activity. Filling the table (See Worksheet 2)

Before playing the video give out the worksheet 2 and ask Ss to use it to record how the featured innovators describe innovation. Tell them to jot down what you remember from watching. ( aspx). Play video twice if necessary. Pay Ss’ attention to the list of their prediction thoughts and ask them if they were right about it.

Follow-up activity. Comparing

Have Ss to read the information they’ve written down in previous activity. Compare their answers.

2.2. Developing new products

Tell Ss that every innovation has its way from making conception to its launching. Present to the Ss the typical stages in designing and developing a new product and ask to put them in the correct order. /Clarify any unfamiliar terms/

Key: /conception - market research - design - development - testing/trialling - product launch/ Ask Ss in which of the stages they would like to be involved and why.

2.3. Speaking. Pair work (See Worksheet 3)

Get Ss in pairs. They are going to practice expressing and giving reasons for opinions, and writing simple sentences summarizing the results of questions. Each student is given a copy of the worksheet 3. Have them to read the questions and write their own responses. The class is split into pairs (A and B). The students interview each other and record their partner's answers in note form. After that, the pairs are divided into A and B groups. They discuss the answers and write statements about the class which they present.

3. Conclusion

As a home task tell Ss to think of the project ideas for developing of innovative product they want to be in the market. Ask them to follow the typical stages of developing a new product as a plan to their presentation.


Worksheet 1

Gap Filling
Complete the sentences below with the following verbs

carry out identify launches recall release trial

1. When designing new products and services, it is very important for companies to________________market research.

2. Before the final version of a programme is ready, software developers usually _________________ a beta version.

3. When the product is ready in its final form, the company _______________ it on the market.

4. Pharmaceutical companies _________________ new drugs to make sure they are safe and effective.

5. Market research can help a business __________________ unfulfilled customer needs.

6. If a newly launched product has a design fault, the company may need to__________________ it.

Key to Worksheet 1


1 - carry out

2 - release

3 - launches

4 - trial

5 - identify

6 - recall


Worksheet 2

Filling the Table
What did these innovators say in the video?

Key to Worksheet 2


Worksheet 3

Speaking activity
Ask your partner the following questions. Write down his/her answers

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